Arthur Andrew Medical

Arthur Andrew Medical was established in 2003 by Justin Marsh after successfully selling and marketing enzyme products with his former distribution company.

Through his experience working with the enzyme and probiotic products available at the time, Mr. Marsh saw an opportunity to bring higher quality and more efficacious products to his client base after developing relationships with several of the world’s largest enzyme producers. He felt that the small but vitally important niche of enzyme supplements was led by outdated and inferior products that had become popular simply due to their age within the market. Mr. Marsh also strove to lay the foundational values of his vision with those that he would expect with a product that he would provide to his own family.

To that end, Arthur Andrew began developing its first product with the collaboration of well-known enzymologists and utilizing best-in-class materials. Each material was only considered if it were well researched, had a proven record of safety, demonstrated efficacy, was vegan friendly, and only utilized non-GMO materials in the manufacturing process. With those criteria met, Arthur Andrew Medical began to create finished products under its own brand-name. In 2004, Neprinol, the world’s most potent non-animal derived systemic enzyme was born. As Neprinol flourished on the market, Mr. Marsh saw that many companies were developing products based on market fads, so he steered Arthur Andrew Medical towards innovation and science to ensure that the company maintained its position as an industry leader.

To this day, Arthur Andrew has grown to manufacture 11 products under its own brand and they continue on their mission of expanding their line with highly efficacious products that unlock the true potential of one's health.